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Sorta Late

Wednesday, July 27, Noon

Old Town Playhouse

A late-night talk show in Detroit has hired a new group of fresh-faced interns ready to get their first taste of the chaotic entertainment industry. The small-time talk show is turned upside down as two local celebrities vie for the role of the late-night host. Mayhem ensues as everyone fights for the right to be the king or queen of “Sorta Late”. (85 min.)


Directors: Kyle Brow, Tyler Clifton, Dani Dillon,

Seth Kalis and David Root


The film was created by the MSU Theatre 2 Film project and included more than 100 passionate and enthusiastic students served as actors, directors, editors, composers, producers and art directors involved with every aspect of the production.


Short Film Collection from

Michigan State University

Friday, July 29, 3 PM

The Buzz

A collection of short documentary and fiction films from faculty and students in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and the College of Arts & Letters.

(93 min.)



Director: Trevor Ferla

FROM FLINT: Voices of a Poisoned City
Director: Elise Conklin

An overworked, mentally exhausted paramedic happens upon a mysterious woman whose guidance gives him a sense of peace after he is unable to save a young boy.

A documentary that tells the story of the Flint water crisis from the perspectives of those who have experienced this tragedy first hand and from activists on the ground working through grassroots organizations to make a difference.


Director: Jennifer Berggren


Director: Izak Gracy

Three remarkable voices. Three relentless environments. RUN JUMP PADDLE explores the challenges that extreme athletes encounter in their unlikely realms. In this documentary, one athlete dives through the atmosphere, another paddles the freezing waves of Lake Huron in February, and a third runs from Florida to Michigan, battling a more insurmountable challenge than the distance itself.

#LendMIHand follows MSU Media Sandbox students as they mentor homeless youth in Lansing while working for the charity “Pictures of Hope”. Students also used their creative talents to create awareness for the program to make a lasting impact and developed a social media campaign encouraging others to pay it forward.

The Woz

263 W. Grandview  Parkway

July 27 - 30, Noon – 9 PM

July 31, Noon – 5 PM

Free Launch Party

Wednesday, July 27, 6 - 9 PM

MSU has once again partnered with TCFF to offer an immersive media experience like no other. This hands-on, interactive gallery goes beyond traditional screens to the place where film and technology intersect and you are part of the story. Experience virtual worlds beyond your imagination and engage in the games everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

the future of storytelling at The Woz


  • Rocket League and Live eSports Casting
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  • That Dragon, Cancer
  • Her Story
  • GameDev @ MSU
  • Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab

Composer Bill Withem and documentary filmmaker Geri Alumit Zeldes take the audience through the process of scoring a documentary film, and describe the emotions and the science that went into creating the music. They will also share best practices on how to strike the right chords in film that can be applied to other media that needs music to underscore silence, ideas or action.


Instructors: Geri Alumit Zeldes, MSU School of Journalism Associate Professor and documentary filmmaker and Bill Withem, Composer and instructor of music at Mott Community College and alumnus of the MSU College of Music, Music Composition program, DMA ’09.



Striking the Right Chord

Friday, July 29, 3 PM

NMC Scholars Hall, College Drive



MSU Student Internship Program

Many Spartans have been working behind the scenes at TCFF to gain experience working at an internationally recognized film festival. Thanks to generous donors, our students have the opportunity to engage and work with industry professionals such as filmmakers, artists, directors, writers and those working to manage this major event. This is an experience our students will never forget, and the knowledge they gain will guide them as they pursue their career following graduation.


Look for MSU interns throughout the festival and ask how this internship program is enriching their Spartan Experience!



MSU Supports “SEEDS”:

Inspiring and training New Talent


As an educational sponsor for TCFF, MSU supports and inspires new talent from across Michigan. SEEDS, a nonprofit organization funded in part by Michigan State University, will support future generations behind the scenes at the festival, giving low-income youth the opportunity to work with some of the best production people in the world and helping to set up screens and audio for the festival the week before.



333 E. State Street

Tuesday - Friday 9 AM - Noon & 4 - 7 PM

Saturday 9 AM - Noon


  • FREE MSU gear
  • FREE film tickets for students with MSU ID
  • LEARN MORE about MSU at TCFF




It’s not just “boy meets girl” in these funny and philosophical shorts that challenge our conventional ideas about relationships and intimacy. In one of the shorts titled "One Smart Fellow," a family beach vacation takes an awkward and funny turn when the dad (Timothy Busfield) confesses his true feelings, and his wife (Melissa Gilbert) reacts unexpectedly.


Emmy award-winning actor Timothy Busfield joined Michigan State University as an artist in residence this summer. Busfield is co-teaching courses on acting, filmmaking and is the director of national content for WKAR.

Go green, go white, go see this riveting true story of courage, race, and one unforgettable football game. Michigan State University Coach Duff Daugherty upended college football by standing against the hatred and discrimination of the 1960s and recruiting black players. The fully integrated 1964 Spartan team stormed the nation as two-time undefeated National Champions.

Men of Sparta

Sunday, July 31, Noon

Milliken at the Dennos Museum



Shorts: It's Complicated

Friday, July 29, 3 PM

Old Town Playhouse






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